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Track 05 of 11 - "Letters" - From the album Little Bird by Joshua Baez

I wrote these letters to you 
And signed my name 
On the manuscript—another page 
In a poorly-lit room 
This regret that has kept me 
A restless mind—fading fast 

But I hoped that I would be the last one here 

But in the early dawn 
Past two in the morning 
But still I lay wide awake 
The sheets to my neck 
And the letters that I wrote to you 
Lying on the floor again 

I tried my very best 
To fight and to trust in the words that you said 
That “Our love is a thing that we have” 
But I went and I let it die again 

But you’re still mine

Created: Jul 19, 2012

Tags: indie, guitar, punk, synth, dance, rock, strings, folk, songwriter, song, instrumental, bass, post rock, acoustic, singer, piano, vocal, drums, alternative, solo, pop

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