Wild Child (Tori's 10 minute writing challange)

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When I was little my mom would call me a wild child

I would run from place to place and never walked

I was a spitfire, I would say what I wanted to when I wanted

I never listened very well and my teachers always had to move me closer to the front of the class so they can keep an eye on me

Now I'm twenty years old and I am the exact oppisite of the term "wild"

The most exciting thing about my days is gonig to the gym or seeing my boyfriend or playing soccer at school

I don't go out and get shit faced, I am sober always watching other people be wild

I'm over my wild days, those ended in highschool

those ended when I decided to turn my life around and move on from what I call, a distructive past

Now I'm happy

But heres the thing, just because I am no longer "Wild" doesn't mean I don't experiance it everyday

My oldest sibling displays it well, and not in the way that is good at all

It's people like her that make me realize how lucky I am to be able to put my "Wild" past aside

I never want to grow up her, I never want to go through the things she does

and I never want to be addicted like her

I never want to smoke cigarettes, take any sort of drug or do anything that would hurt my family or friends

I don't think I ever want to be wild like that ever

It's funny because when I was younger I always looked at my family like it was THAT American Family

A mother and a father who loved eachother and 4 young children who were all active in sports and did well in school

but now the older I've gotten the more I've come to know that my family is no where near that

Not in a bad way, it keeps things interestingbut sometimes I wish I could go back to that

I'm sick of seeing my sister break my parents hearts and make them feel like they did something wrong

I'm sick of seeing my parents put so much effort into a lost cause

and I thank god, if there is one, for allowing me to move on from my distructive past and be a better, happier person

I couldn't have asked for a more loving family and I'm lucky, I know I am

but I can't stand that my sister doesnt appricate it like I do and I thats what I really ................

(Then 10 minutes was up)

Created: Jul 19, 2012

Tags: poetry, free-verse, story

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