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It had rained the night before and he didn't have time to shower that morning, so his hair was looking kind of wild.  He didn't mind, though, because he had the chance to experience the city's beauty in the rain.  It was the way it was meant to be seen.  

He didn't care that the business world would judge him for not being up to their standards.  He was just happy to enjoy the time that he had had the night before. 

Nothing really remarkable had happened.  He went to work. He walked around. It was hot. He went to go see a movie. He walked to the train. It was raining. It didn't matter. He had been considerably sad the day before that, and it was a good change of pace.

With the rain pouring upon him, he watched the explosions in the sky above the buildings. It was something that probably would have freaked him out any other time.  Tall buildings and explosions had freaked him out since 2001. But this day was different. He couldn't help but look up into the rain at the explosions and smirk.

He got drenched. He showed up to his train an hour early. He watched the thunder out on the oasis. A kind of explosion that had never scared him.  He took the train home and passed out.  He was content.

His hair was wild the next day. People were talking about it. He could hear them say things behind him. He didn't care. He went through his day with the same smirk on his face from the night before.  He was finally content. 

Created: Jul 19, 2012


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