Wild? Is the wind? (Ten Minute Writing)

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"Wild is the wind," sang the radio as Terrence lifted up a cup of coffee and looked at the marks his lips has left on the side.

Could it be true? Could he be such a terrible kisser? No, it couldn't be. He was a great kisser, no one had ever complained before. It wasn't him, it was her. Definitely her.

He sat the cup down as the words swelled up in the song again, "I hear the sound of mandolins."

Maybe he had learnt wrong? How do I know I didn't learn wrong, how do I know that for all these years I haven't been doing it wrong. He paused and looked at the girl at the table next to him.

"Excuse me? Could I ask you something," he said. She had glasses and large, high bun, turned to him and smiled,


Terrence paused. This was weird. "I'm Terrence," he said, stalling.

"Annabelle," she replied.

"This is going to sound weird," he said, noticing that her mouth was turning down at the corners, her eyes looking around warily to see how many other people were in the cafe.

"You touch me," was the line from the radio at that moment. Terrence laughed.

"It's just ... It's sort of delicate," said Terrence. Annabelle turned her chair round so it was facing in to his table now. "It's just your opinion, I wanted your opinon," he continued.

"Okay," she said, still looking quite wary but smiling, "shoot." Terrence took a deep breath.

"Well, I went out to a club last night and I met this girl."

While he was speaking he noticed Annabelle has taken a deep breath, he could see her chest rising up beneath her Aran jumper. He put down his coffee cup and pulled at the cuffs of his shirt.

Annabelle scratched her nose and said, "Well? What happened? Don't leave me hanging, did you sleep with her?"

"No, dear lord no I didn't sleep with her, I'm not that sort of guy."

"Every man's that kind of guy." 

"I kissed her," said Terrence, "and she said it was crap. But how do you know? If you're a bad kisser, I mean."

Annabelle paused, "I guess it depends on the person, I wouldn't worry, it was probably her that was crap."

Terrence sat back and smiled. "Thanks, really thank you."

"No problem," said Annabelle, turning her chair back to her own table.

"With your kiss my life begins," sang the radio.

"Or maybe you're just a crap kisser," she said. "There's bound to be some in the world."


Created: Jul 19, 2012


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