wild in the moonlight.

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“Do you want a cigarette?” “No.” “Why not?” “Since when do you ask me if I want a cigarette?” “Since tonight” “What did I do tonight that would make you want to kill me?” “ha ha” “I don’t find that funny!” “You were just wild, that’s all” “...and wild people enjoy sucking back toxins?” “Wild people enjoy a cigarette after a good time in bed.” “Well I don’t” “I bet you would, you just don’t know it yet” “Then maybe I’m not as wild as you think I am” “I know you are. It’s inside all of us to be wild. It’s our animal instinct. You’ve never done anything like you have tonight. You’re changing and it’s wild and free. It’s beautiful. I don’t want it to ever stop.” “hmm, really?” “Don’t be a fool. You enjoyed every last moment of it and now you’re insecure for whatever reason.” “ I don’t even know why we are having this conversation. You don’t even smoke yourself. You were just trying to piss me off.” “Maybe I was trying to piss you off a little bit, but I love it when you go mad. I want to see you go wild in different ways. “ “In  different ways? I’m sure going wild once is more than enough for me. Maybe if you stay the whole night this time you’ll get to see me look like a wild beast in the morning. Crazy hair, bad breathe, mascara smeared all over the place.” “I shouldn’t stay the whole night...you know that” “I know that you think you shouldn’t stay the whole night..I don’t know why you think this.” “If I stay, will you go wild with me? Under the moonlight? ” “You know I won’t have sex with you outside.” “What if we were one in the same?” “I don’t fucking understand you.” “If you want me to stay the whole night, then you’ve got me...or a part of me anyways. You’ll get to see my wild side.”

Created: Jul 19, 2012


Jaded12 Document Media