Into the wild

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The Wild
The brambled trees crisscrossed making the way going tough, really tough, even for someone as experienced as Sam. The trek was never easy. Trees in the most random pattern fell in front, behind and in every manner speaking chaos. But this was the easy part. The boulders that scattered throughout the wild were camouflaged in moss creating more things to walk around and trip over, the gullies and fishers that sometimes held stagnant water and sometime were deeper than a man cut the best trails off. They were too wide to jump across and too deep to chance making Sam skirt them, through thick brush.

All the time the birds chirped and the bugs hummed. Ahh, the bugs. They could be as voracious as any known creature on earth, not just ten or twenty, but hundreds at a time swarming, biting chewing through clothing to get to skin, through skin to get to blood. Unrelenting for hours at a time a person could go literally mad screaming and running into a boulder, into an open gully or over the many cliffs that the wild harbored.
City folk loved the winding tame streets and soft comforts of home after coming from the wild, if they ever did emerge from the wild.

The discomforts of the walk, the bugs, the boulders, gully and detours were not Sam’s main concern. He listened. He walked. The wild had animals that were deadly if startled. Being aware of them through the thick brush was not an easy task. Even Sam would sometimes startle a bear or coyote. Luckily they had always run the other direction, but luck could only hold for so long. Sam expected to die out here someday, someday the wild animal would not run but turn and fight and with the ferocity of the wild, Sam would not have the reflexes or strength to defend himself and live. One did not live a long life by coming to the wild.

Created: Jul 19, 2012


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