WIld Weekend

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“She’s wild”, he said beaming.
“Cool man, it’s really cool. I’m happy for you.” Luke fake yawned and stretched because he’d run out of things to say and he knew they all sounded phoney. Not that Chris could hear anything. He was still gazing out the window at Nicola as she padded in to the petrol station to pay this round.
Luke was still pissed she was even coming. This weekend was supposed to be just the guys, him and Chris getting back to nature like they used to. Then he went an invited Nicola turning Luke into the third wheel.
“I’m sure they’ll be some people at the hostel y’know?...Luke?”
“I’m saying that the hostel, they’ll be some people we can hang with I reckon”.
“Yeah, it’s cool man. I’m easy. It’s all fun isn’t it.”
Chris started the car as Nicola came wandering back across the concourse. Her dress was pretty see-through; Luke could make out her whole body as the sun shone through the fabric. Why would she wear that? He was almost angry at her brazenness. She’s meeting her new boyfriend’s best mate for the first time and she comes dressed as a country tramp? Her hair was loose and she wore beaten up flip-flops in their last days. Why wouldn’t she just get new ones for fuck sake? Or be a real proper hippy and wear bare feet…I mean, who does she think she is Joss Stone?
His scowl was broken by the sound of her closing the car door and this thoughts cut off by the mars bar that landed on his lap.
“I wasn’t sure what you liked but all guys like Mars bars, right?”
Luke looked up and saw Nicola’s warm brown eyes staring at him.
“Er..yeah, yeah thanks Nicola” he replied sheepishly, feeling sure she had read his thoughts.
“There’s come cokes here too...” she carried on mumbling while fiddling with bags at her feet.
“Aw babes, thank you – that’s so sweet!” Chris leant over and planted a kiss somewhere in the mess of brown curls that tumbled over her tanned smooth shoulders.
“It’s cool” she clapped “let’s get on the road!”
As Chris started the car Nicola began finding some music on the radio.
“…just nothing on is there? Like why is music so bad these days?...”
“I know, like what ever happened to good music, stuff they used to play, real rebels!”
“yeah! rebels! You know who I really used to love…”
Luke slumped in the back and watched the couple happily chatting away together. He rolled his eyes. Bloody idiots . I should have cancelled.
It was too late now.

Created: Jul 19, 2012


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