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Lying down, Edith could feel the warmth of summer rays beating against her soft pale complexion. Her hands stroked gently against grains of sand beneath the place where she took rest. Slowly she began to open her eye's, she squinted and gave herself time to tame and adjust her eye's to the blinding sun, she realised she was on a very unfamiliar desert beach.

Edith now found the strengh to pull herself up from her once tranquil spot and headed toward the sea. As she stood at the tip of the raging waters, she took a moment to take in the sceanery which only consisted of baron waste desert land with sand dunes towering around her and huge stones that looked as if placed there by a much greater force.

Now she turned to face the treacherous water that was throwing vicious waves twards the shore, as Edith studied beyond the waves in the horizon was mast that was big even from the place she stood knowing this was the only life form near and was now becoming more distant.

She now stood alone and realised she had not..... 




Created: Jul 19, 2012

Tags: short story, tiny story

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