Life Is Shit Without You In It

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(THIS is the one! :D sorry!)

I couldn’t resist singing to Ryan Patrick’s piano piece ”Life Is Shit Without You In It”, not only because of the cute piano but because of the awesome title. Unfortunately after I sung it once, my microphone broke (again L !) But I chose to upload this anyway, because it sounds a bit pathetic and goofy, which fits the lyrics :P I also added some strings, bass and drums.


I might still work on this when I get my microphone fixed, but before that, here is the most poppy pop song I have ever sung! :)) Let me know what you think!


Enjoy <3




I’ve been to work, drank some coffee and tea, spent some time with my friends and my family


Though some days I feel like I wanna dye dye dye my hair, I think my natural colour is fine


I’ve seen some movies, the ones that make me laugh Not one has been unhappy Not one has been sad


Though one day I could do nothing but cry cry cry

it was ’cause I was making granny’s special onion pie


So thank you for asking, as you can see


I am as happy as I can be

It’s just that my life is shit without you in it


Don’t get me wrong,

it only feels like there’s a knife

in my heart, nothing big,

you only ruined my life


And no, I really don’t mind staying up all night thinking: ”Why did you leave?” na-ah, that’s just fine


Don’t look so shocked, things could be worse


It’s no big deal, I will survive

But my life is still shit without you in it


(and then just pure sillines…;))

Created: Jul 18, 2012


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