Water Rising - Oct 2nd 2006

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There is an ocean
We lay upon it

A vast blue sea
Just them and me

The water rises
Yet she despises

The casting waves
Not one whom stays

The tide is growing
And we can feel it

Tide is drifting
Pulling us back
Pushing us out
Not letting us see

Just them and me

It casts its color 
Surrounding us

I try to see behind 
Back at where we used to be
Back to happy
Back to there

But its monstrosity grows
And the more I try

The less I see

The water is only 
Surrounding us

Drowning us to our necks

We try and free ourselves
We try and escape it

But it flows out and onward

To the place that we call home

But this,
This is not our

But it must be,
Our belongings are there
And my knowledge
Of its interior is too

But this is not our home
It is not MY home

It is different
Things are different now

It’s small
The opening I go through 
The height of the house

Less homelike
Less me
I can hardly get in

And I cant breath

The passage 
A window

Locked and opened by key

Wondering now 
What is important

What do I really need 
And what is merely material

On the spot decisions
This is my life

Shall I run
Or should I help
Go in 
And risk my OWN life

And I do

I throw out
Their stuff first
Soaking in the 
Rising waters of misery

I see my bags 
So common to me
A bright red
Just like a child
I grab it calmly 
And place it out gently
Hoping they see it

Hoping they’re still
Out there
Hoping they’re still 
Hoping they haven’t 
Left me behind

I sit there wondering
What do I need

What must be important
What shall I take back

So that I’m still loved
So that I’m still in sight

I grab them
- I do -
And I take them
With me

I take his black 
Suitcase and I 
throw it out the

I can’t breath

Was I dying
Was I?
Was I hallucinating
Well… was I?

I’m in the small house
I’m in that so called home

The water’s rising
My family worrying

And I am dying

What happens 
When the world 

The water rises
To your neck

You go back 
Home thinking
You’ll be okay

You go there to
Find it’s all the same

Everywhere you go


I go

The water’s still
There soaking up
You and all of your

Soaking up your home
Your life

What happens…
What happens then?

I wouldn’t know
For I woke up

And now I lay there
In my bed above the

The water RISING.

Created: Jul 18, 2012

Tags: story, free-verse

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