The REGULARITY (#23) 05-20-10

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More INCEPTION Dream Doc RECquests

Here's a request coming from Roko, the documentarian who's making this movie:

Concepts we'd like hitRECorders to be inspired by as they create:

- dreaming and creativity (dreams are in some way the ultimate expressions of our creativity)
- the vagueness between different states of consciousness (including waking and sleeping. The spaces in between...)
- losing yourself in a story / dream / movie --  losing the boundaries of your self

Some specifics to illustrate:

-worst case scenarios, e.g. nightmares
-Freudian unresolved wishes - sex etc.
-our brains create a model that we consider to be reality. In waking it's dictated by a physical world that filters through our senses (sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste). In sleeping the brain creates freely, untethered by an external physical world.
-the phenomenon of sleep paralysis, sleep paralysis disorder, sleep walking, sleep behavior disorder
-dreaming is a creative act, your brain is an artist and filmmaker
-every character in your dream is you. In your dream you are essentially speaking to yourself.
-having novel ideas in dreams. Some Nobel prizes and works of art are accredited to inspiration from dreams
-the archetypal dream of school exam anxiety where, in your dream, you show up to school to learn that you have to take a major test that you're completely unprepared for.
-the archetypal dream of seeing someone close to you who has died.
-the idea that dreams are not just all in your head, they may be a portal to another reality -- a parallel universe.

Created: May 21, 2010


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