template game

By wirrow

print it! colour it! upload it to the collab http://hitrecord.org/records/83199

i have this idea/experiment/game that id like to try out if anyone wants to play. id like to make an animation for the everythingisonfire video..
i thought it would be fun to draw some outlines of things.. [like this dude] and get people to colour it in.. and then put them all together frame by frame so it comes to life.
so iff you wana help out... :} print the template.. colour it in.. preferably firey colours but whatever..and remember to draw outside the lines goddamnit@£
oh and then scan and upload it.. and we'll see what happens

here is my [first] one http://hitrecord.org/records/83066

template game

Created: May 21, 2010


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