It's Snowing

By deeasherself

“It’s snowing.” She says in a tone that shows mixed feelings about such event. I don’t make an effort to face the fact she’s in the same room as me without being welcomed. I don’t make a sound to inform her I heard her. I stay in bed.

“It’s snowing.” She repeats, turning around to look at me still in bed and not doing anything other than just laying there. “Fuck, move or something, otherwise I’m gonna think you’re dead.”

“What time is it?” I mumble. She starts looking out the window again.

“No idea, hun.”

Meredith doesn’t usually call people “hun”. That only happens when she’s either pissed off or in a sarcastic mood. Or just bored. I open my eyes and turn to face her (and to face the fact she was in the same room as me without being welcomed). She didn’t look pissed off, or sarcastic (note to self: what kind of face does one make when one is being sarcastic?), or bored. There’s something about her I can’t figure out. But I’m still half asleep. Still half awake thinking about what I’d dreamed of.

Meredith lies so close to me I can smell her hair without turning to her side. I take deep breaths with my eyes closed, recalling the first time I met her when I walked into a store and she clumsily crashed against me.

“I’m feeling a little French today.”
“Are you?”
“Yeah, well, I am French after all…”

So I open my eyes at the obvious mistake.

“Meredith, believe or not, you’re not even real.”

She smiles wide.

“Am I not?”
“Yeah, well, sorry.”

So she starts jumping in the bed and singing her own version of Just Keep Swimmin’ from Finding Nemo and I tell her she’s childish and please stop I need to sleep I stayed up late last night finishing a book for a paper I have to write for school otherwise I’m going to fail and then I’m going to feel like murdering her.

“But I’m not real! You can’t murder me!” she sings and keeps jumping.

I get tired of the game and throw a pillow at her, but she’s gone, vanished. She disappeared completely, leaving me alone in the room where she was not welcomed, with her laughter echoing inside my head.

It's Snowing

Created: May 21, 2010


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