I love...

By sara_nia

I love anything that glitters or sparkles
I love tea
I love the smell of fresh rain
I love the mountainous Seattle skyline
I love the colour pink
I love people who take big risks and fight for what they want out of life
I love creative expression in all its forms
I love butterfly kisses
I love my home country
I love conversations about the nature of reality and the universe
I love burlesque
I love that love is the single most powerful driving force in my life
I love poetry
I love dusty old tombes
I love comforters
I love tattoos that have a story behind them
I love the noise my puppy dog makes when he’s grumpy
I love being fully submerged in water
I love happy memories of my family vacations
I love macabre mysteries
I love being a fairy princess
I love gothic architecture, especially cathedrals and castles
I love making a connection (however big or small) with someone
I love midnight margaritas
I love being outdoors at night, and staring at the sky
I love scarves and mittens
I love putting flowers in my hair
I love playing my piano when I’m sad
I love hearing my fiancé’s voice close to my ear
I love being proud of what I’ve achieved in my life so far

I love...

Created: May 20, 2010


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