Lost in the Wild

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He spun around in the forest. Where am I? All he remembered was exiting the bar, chasing after the image of his dead girlfriend. She looked beautiful as always, except different. Her features looked sharper and her hair shinier, but otherwise she looked the same as the girl he lost a few years back.

A man had stabbed her when she refused to give up her diamond ring – her engagement ring – and the desperate man struck her in the ribs. She bled out on the way to the hospital. He was away on a business trip he didn’t even want to go on. She had begged him to go, as it was important as the CEO to make the trips himself. He had sealed the deal, merging his company with HRJ Industries at the cost of his soon to be wife.

Lost in his thoughts, he was startled by the sounds of the birds tweeting and singing in the forest. The trees rose high above him into the sky and the dark shadows of the trees made the forest an ominous place. Under the cover of darkness, the forest would be blacked out, its inhabitants blind without a light source.

He checked his bearings, his clothing, pockets, and face for any clues. He appeared fine, nothing was taken off him and he wasn’t bleeding. What had happened to him? Was this a drunken attempt at chasing ghosts or did he really see her? Unsure and disorientated, he searched his pockets for his phone. He saw he had one text message in his inbox from an unknown number.

Do you miss me? – B

He read it and read it again. Could it be her or was this just another one of life’s cruel jokes? He decided to leave it for now and call his driver. The phone beeped again, signaling that the battery was low. There were no bars and he had half an hour to find service or he’ll be stranded.

Following the animal tracks, he hoped he would find a water source and a way out of this nightmare.

Created: Jul 17, 2012


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