The tragic story of Big Head Fred.

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There once was a boy who had a large head, Far larger than most kids and his name was Fred. His face was like the moon because of the size of his head, He couldn't use a knife nor folk, he used a shovel instead. Yes, Fred's life was hard, he mostly hated school, For he knew when the time came for sports, he became the ball. His days were dark and full of gloom, Often locked away inside in his room. On an odd occasion he came to play, Fred saw something new to brighten his day. She was alone just like Fred, "My name's Nicole!" The little girl said. There was love right from the start, They did everything together, they were never apart. They played on the swings, they played in the park, For hours and hours, until dark. Until one day, Fred kissed Nicole, Whose head was so small, he swallowed her whole! Full of remorse and declining health, He couldn't live without her, so he hung himself... And that's the tragic story of Big Head Fred, Who swallowed up love and ended up dead....

Created: Jul 17, 2012

Tags: tragic, short, novel, cartoon, animation., story, graphic

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