Regularity Dream

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I wanted to REmix Joe's 11/11 raw Regularity footage into an abstract dream sequence that focuses on some of the themes of that day: time, space, moments.

It's intentionally cut down to come off as abstract, and that's what I think is intriguing about the whole idea of the Regularity itself. What does it mean? When did it truly begin? And there's a million other questions to go with those two.

I'm particularly pleased with how the T.S. Elliot poetry reading came out on this. It could almost be a separate RECord; a ten second RECord or something.

I did a lot of trimming on jonthewallflower's "The Ukulele's Lullaby" to get it to accompany the reading the way it appears here and I just like the union so much. The speed of the instrument shifts to the tones of the speech, leaving slight pauses here and there. What fantastic REsources!

Anyway, I've rambled a bit too much...

Created: May 20, 2010

Tags: clip, reading, collab, studio, start, poem, regularjoe, poetry, time, move, inception, hand, editing, gestures, 11:11, funny, tie, regular joe, laugh, event, hair, 11/11, dream doc, space, stop, solar system, planet, drums, alone, solo, suit, blue, rec room, black and white, smile, remix, sleeping, pause, asleep, jonthewallflower, movements, guitar, am, edit, hands, strings, film festival, l.a., sleep, zoom, footage, doc, discussion, regularity, jgl, read, instrumental, raw, grin, talking, sundance, resume, uranus, dreams, himself, quirky, pm, joe, dreaming, dream, sean lennon, instrument, T.S. Elliot, pluck, remixed, dance

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