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I’ll wake you in the morning, 
Pull you out your bed, 
Yelling the time at you, 
I clip you ‘round the head. 

Whilst you eat the cereal slowly, 
As slowly as you can, 
Just to annoy me farther, 
Though you’re nearly a man. 

I’ll rush you to the school, 
To your parties and your friends, 
I’ll rush you again this morning, 
Wondering when it all ends. 

Though I know it never will, 
As long as I’m alive, 
Cause I’ll rush you to the church, 
Watching as you wed your bride. 

Then you rush me to the hospital, 
As quickly as you can, 
And I realise the difference, 
You’re now that man. 

And I’ve rushed me to the grave, 
And I’ve rushed me all away, 
Though I don’t regret a single moment, 
And though I’m gone, I’m still here, today.

Created: Jul 16, 2012


Benjamin Rushton Document Media