In Your Stare

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Honey in your stare

Blooming flowers in your hair

But, the vines have nicked my skin

As your lips spread with a grin.

Created: Jul 16, 2012

Tags: she, trees, anger, dark, confused, record, shocked, funny, theater, tv, confusing, watch, desperate, music, than, photo, ugly, ass, interesting, perform, then, sing, rhyme, breathe, die, nice, youtube, artsy, good, fall, whistle, why, murder, pets, different, poem, suicide, bodies, kissing, animals, hell, beautiful, sex, murdering, alone, kiss, ocean, married, dying, script, not, song, facebook, killing, dead, wind, cried, celebrity, swim, cool, bitch, animation, sad, picture, couple, heart, moon, sexy, murderer, depressed, tears, lonely, fuck, flowers, fell, sun, hunger, pretty, find, art, sea, lyrics, me, poetry, depressing, death, singing, body, bike, bad, they, shock, suicidal, sigh, we, design, cry, he, cares, cute, sweet, unfortunate, dance, stars, run, joy, tumblr, beauty, happy, weird, hug, fill, who, artistic, featured, crying, movie, marry, scared, sexual, artist, flow, killer, strange, sorrow, theatre, kill, hungry, famous, lost, cunt, birds, twitter, bizarre, fish, wedding, killed, depression, angry, there, create, shit, fun, unusual, poet

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