James With The Wild Eyes - 10 min Writing Challenge

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There once was a boy who, for powers outside of his control, had eyes as wild as an animal's.  It betrayed the ferocity and intensity of the wildest tiger in deepest part of the jungle.  They were so wild that people were in fact afraid of him, and would avoid him as he walked down the street.  This was most discouraging since he was extremely friendly.  But people were too afraid of his eyes to talk to him.

One day, he was crossing the street, but there was a young girl who did not cross the street.  She only looked at him, right in his wild, "scary" eyes.  Since this had never happened before, the boy was quite taken aback.

"Why don't you cross the street?" the boy asked politely.

"Why should I?  Is there a reason I should be afraid of you?" replied the young girl.

"No, it's only that everyone always does.  You're the first person I have met who has not hidden or run away at the sight of me."

To which, the young girl replied, "Well that's silly.  People shouldn't be afraid of that which they don't understand."

The young man with the wild eyes thought about this, and answered, "I suppose you're right.  But it's just people's way."

"Then we should change that," the young girl replied.

And she held out her hand.

"My name is Iris.  I'd like to be your friend."

The boy looked at her hand, then back at her.  A smile grew across his face.

"My name is James.  I'd like to be your friend too."

And they shook hands.  They then walked down the street, hand in hand.  As they did, lookyloos and passerbys stared at them, and whispered behind their hands.

"That young girl must be the bravest person I've ever seen," were among the whispered remarks.

Created: Jul 16, 2012

Tags: wild, eyes, 10min writing challenge, james

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