10MinChallenge- Wild- "He kicked the night and sky was bruised"

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He kicked the night and the sky was bruised. With an inclination towards anxiety, he kept himself away from everybody. I visited his house and looked at the old clothes, i thought he likes holding on to bad memories, not realising that they can't hurt him anymore.. I could smell old tobbacco, leather and i sniffed white confidence on the broken mirror.

The rain began to knock the window like an unwanted neighbour. I said, " I want to sit with you in silence". I could read his face : "My sleepy hollow man"... He was endlessly looking for a gun to finish the battles inside his head. In the morning we ate the sun and had candyfloss smiles.

Now i`m listening to Tom Waits, hiding my tears while I chop the onion.
I carry his heart in my pocket. He doesn't know about my secret prayers, which i sing in the dark woods..."It's never too late, never too late to start again, they are only holding you back, stop counting black wild cats..."

Created: Jul 15, 2012

Tags: short story new, short film scripts

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