"When I See You Smile"

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This song is from my debut album "pomomo" by KENN (that's me).  I have all my songs available in stems and would be interested in collaborating to make video art to accompany the music or remixes of the song it's self.  I'm new to this so you tell me :)


The song is from the perspective of someone who is clearly in an unhealthy relationship but for whatever reason can't pull the trigger on it and leave.



When I See You Smile

By Ken Cifuentes



Verse 1:

Let’s keep it a secret the way I fall to pieces in you.

When my world was falling apart, where on earth were you?

You say you understand me and know, what I’ve been through.

You then go to cut me apart and take what you can use



Our time has got a gun

(Maybe mom was right in saying I should show you the door)

Our time has got a gun

(And I can’t count the times I said I wouldn’t see you no more)



But I forget about your lies

And how you like watching me cry

Forget the guy you banged last night

When I see you smile

When I see you smile

I forget that you ignore

And treat me like I’m just your whore

Forget you scare me to my core

When I see you smile

When I see you smile


Verse 2:

It’s clear that you don’t care for me but don’t want to fee, you’rel lonely, that’s it

I guess I’m your emotional hostage, and it’s getting time to split

I think you and your trick in Chicago just might make a good fit.

That boy don’t love himself but he loves it when you treat him like shit.


(Pre-Chorus and Chorus)


I’m so sorry, Momma’ said she’d call me but she didn’t (X4)


Created: Jul 15, 2012

Tags: gaybar, alternative, indie, activism, lgbt, pop, indiepop, post-pop, dance, detroit, folktronica, gay, post-punk

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