one day i was lost (tiny story song)

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one day i was lost and no one could find me

i just couldn’t put all my troubles behind me

so i had to get out of the house just to clear my mind

i put on my shoes and i grabbed mister umbrella

(you know, that guy is such a temperamental fella)

and i headed out into the rain to see what i might find

it was still dark out i couldn’t see the moon around

is it possible she’s moved to another town?

and it looks like mr. sun hits the snooze at the start of each day!

as i strolled down the the street i started looking around

and i could hardly believe all the tiny stories i found

but i suspect they’ve been there the whole time, right in front of my face

i met a dandelion who was sad he lost him mane

and a blue raindrop who doesn’t like the rain

and a cloud who hates cloudy days he says they drive him insane

there was a worm who thought all his troubles were over

and a hard working bee who dreamt of rolling in the clover

and a hopeful mayfly who had all her reservations made.

there was a dragonfly who dreamed of breathing fire

and a mosquito who thought it would be cool to be a vampire

and a gargoyle who wished he was just a garden gnome

i saw a snail speeding by on a tortoise’s back

a butterfly who fell in love with a tiny scrap

of paper floating by, she knew she’d finally found the one

i met a sweet junebug who couldn’t wait for december

and a humming bird who couldn’t quite remember

the words to the song she had just decided to sing

mr. cranefly explained he was not a heavy lifter

and mr. ladybug always had to emphasize the mister

they say it’s crazy what people think when they’re not using their brains

there was a hopeful magpie who was always befuddled

she never could catch the stars in the puddles

but she was sure if she tried hard enough, one day she might

i met a sad little tree who thought the moles were out to get her

and a moth who dreamed of living in the cashmere sweater

and a wasp who thought it best to be the first with a preemptive strike

suddenly the wind gave me a shove and it grabbed mister umbrella

and the soles of my shoes must have looked like a propeller

as i spun into the sky and found myself in the top of the tree

just then a little faerie landed on the edge of a leaf

it’s time to open your eyes she said to me

now look around you and see the world there is to see

she made me a tiny cup of tea

she said you look like you could use a tiny story

and she told me about the little girl who only wanted to dream

she said, you are always at the center of the universe

so if it feels like things are going from bad to worse

just trust your heart and know you have the power to do anything

i thanked her and told her i should be going soon

she had a twinkle in her eye as she winked at the moon

who had just shown up because she had an early date with the sun

a frosty spider web lit up in this delicate light

a little bird was contemplating the intricacies of flight

and i could feel everything stirring as nighttime was on the run

the stars in the sky were telling me secrets

they told me if you fall down you just get back up

and as left i felt my heart had learned a new song to sing

i swore i saw the street lights leaning into each other

and a little drop of water trying to keep up with her mother

and the world held it’s breath at the flutter of a damselfly’s wing

now the sun peeked up over the horizon

like an impatient child who wants to see what the surprise is

and i thought this sure looks like the start of a wonderful day

i saw the green rolling hills kiss her misty lover goodbye

the sun started a fire that lit up the sky

and a bright morning star winked and sent me along my way

my shoes got in a race to see which one was winning

i got ahead of myself and i couldn’t stop grinning

when i got back home i knew my heart was in the right place

success told the dream i’m nothing without you

the dream whispered back you know, i never did doubt you

i opened up the blinds and beams of happiness lit up my face

you know that life is wrapped up in this one single moment

we all have at the same time it can’t be stolen

it’s yours and it’s mine and it goes on until we pass away

so if you find that you’re lost and no one can find you

just go out and find them you know they’ll remind you

that you’re here and you’re loved and you’re wanted in the world today

everyone has a lot of love to give

and even the tiny little flower has a life to live

so open your heart and your mind and be open to the cosmic play

‘cause everywhere you go you’ll find a million tiny stories

and there’s always one more so it never gets boring

i know you’ve got one too, i’d love to hear what you’ve got to say!

Created: May 19, 2010


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