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What's the deal with that guy you've been seeing?

I'm not seeing anyone.

Come on. You've been hanging out for weeks.

Yeah - we're just hanging out. I'm not "seeing" anyone.

So you're not dating.

Definitely not dating.

Did you see him last night?


What did you do?

We grabbed a bite to eat. I don't know. Nothing really.

Who paid?

What does that matter?

Did he pay?

Yeah - he paid - but I've paid plenty of times. Sometimes we go dutch - whatever. Just we don't really talk about it. It just works out.

What did you have?

To eat?

Yeah - what did you have?

We split this huge salad. And we had wine and some bread and stuff. It wasn't really dinner - I don't know.

Sounds like a date.

It does? We do the same thing. We're not dating.

Right - but he's this hot guy that you obviously like. And he shared a salad with you? Come on. It was a date.

What's the big deal about sharing a salad? It was a huge salad.

I don't know. I mean everyone shares desserts. Just seems like splitting a salad is more of a commitment.

That's what constitutes a commitment?

Just saying - it sounds like a date. When do you see him again.


Right. Friday.


Just saying.

I hate that phrase. Just saying. What are you just saying.

You're obviously dating.

Created: Jul 15, 2012


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