Take me away : Short story

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Giving the wonderful illustration by azry a try with a short story. Don't know how good I'll be though...


"Take me away to another place, somewhere I dreamt but will never be."

The balloons asked "Why do you wish to fly away? Don't you like it when you've got a place to stay?"

"Nay, my heart's light as the helium gas that makes you float. The world in here is simply out of hope." the girl answered. "Should I remain, my colours, like yours will be out someday."

"Then, where do you wish to go?"

"Someplace, somewhere...to a place I can, for real, call home..." she replied. "I wanna be happy everyday, not in this place."

"I do not guarantee how long we can last, or how far we can bring you before we blast. And even a hint of a heavy heart we'll soon break apart. Do you still wish to trust me? To fly with me?"

"Better to die while I fly, than to dissapear with a regretful sigh. Take me away, far from this dismay"

Created: Jul 15, 2012


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