Costa Rican Legend (The Turrialba Volcano Legend)

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I have 2 nationalities, I am Nicaraguan and Costa Rican, I love both countries with all my heart and is really hard for me when the people ask me Where are you from? And I have to say Costa Rica, because I feel like the 2 countries are equally important to me.

Both countries share similar legends and myths like La Llorona or La Carreta Nagua, and I already made a contribution about Nicaraguan Legends, so now is my turn to tell you 1 of my favorite Costa Rican legends:


The Turrialba Volcano Legend:


A long time ago, before the Spanish came to our lands, our lands were inhabited by strong and courageous Indians, ready to defend their territories and tribes.  They were intelligent and cultured, also they have their own music and dances and Musical instruments manufactured by themselves with the skins and hides of animals they hunted.

At that time, the chief of the tribe was an old man, he was a widower and he only had a daughter, her name was Cira. Cira was beautiful; she had fifteen years old, slender body, long black hair and beautiful brown eyes, she was also charitable and nice with everybody and she handled the bow and arrow with skill. She went often to the river to take a bath, guarded by other women of the tribe; they combed her long black hair and used oils and perfumes of flowers to put on her hair and body. The chief wanted to give her in marriage to a young man of the tribe, a handsome and famous hunter, this young man gave to Cira colored shells to adorn her neck and arms. But Cira doesn’t love him. She was in love with an Indian of another tribe. Her love was secret and no one, not even her closest friends knew about it, she saw him once, one day that all the tribes of the region met to dance and play, since that time, the image of the Indian stuck in her head, she just wanted to see him, Many times, guided by this idea, Cira had ventured into the woods with the hope of meeting him. But it seems like he disappears, she can’t found him.

One day, it was midnight and she had the strong desire of been able to see her beautiful Indian again, suddenly she heard a voice calling her, that night the moon was very clear,  Illuminating the entire field, so in Silence she left the tribe, she was scared and she was able to hear her heart beating and she was afraid that somebody of the tribe followed her, she start to cry, feeling lost and she keep walking, deeper and deeper into the woods, tired of wandering, then she found a huge trunk, sat down to rest for a while and soon she fall sleep. 

She started to dream about her Indian, she was dreaming that he was kissing her, the dream was so vivid and beautiful, that she didn’t want to wake up, suddenly she hear a noise and she wake up, she was somebody in front of her and she realize that it was him, her Indian, looking at her and smiling. They started to kiss, and talk for hours, lost in the woods under the stars and moon.

Meanwhile, in the tribe of Cira there was confusion; Cira's father had ordered the search of the girl. Many Indians went through the forest calling her desperately, including her father, Cira and her Indian hear the voices calling her and they started to run, All Indians with their smooth bows, followed them closely. The two lovers were there close to the trunk, hugging each other, when her father saw them; his anger knew no bounds and gave a strong scream that shook the forest, because the Indian belonged to another tribe, her father wanted to separate them and kill them blinded by anger, but to raise his bow to cross them, the earth shook and opened her womb and swallowed the two youths. Then, a holy smoke came out as a witness of the eternal love between the two youths of two different races and the earth brought forth lava and rocks turning this mountain into a volcano, that today is called: Turrialba Volcano.


Created: Jul 14, 2012


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