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RE RECS Sunday 15, July 2012

Hello guys!!!

These are my recommendations for this week. Again, I just want to say thanks for all your amazing contributions for the Legends and Myths Collab, they are all fantastic and I feel like I know you and your countries a little bit more after reading all these stories. THANKS!

This week I am recommending 20 records, including a Collab, music, illustrations and a video. Also, I am recommending 8 legends, stories and myths from the Legends & Myths collab, and as usual, 2 Hitrecorders, if you want to know why I am recommending them, please check my video and read my comments below.

My recommendations this week:

  1. Bluebeard by AdrienneLovette: This is an illustration for a legend that AdrienneLovette, added to the Legends and Myths collab, and both: Illustration and story are fantastic, I love it, maybe someone can make a VO of this story or add some colors to the illustration.

  2. Burning Crow (paper) by sinnamin: Another fantastic creation in paper made by the wonderful sinnamin, she made this crow burning for How the Crow Got his Black Feathers story added by Rabid Schnauzer for the Legends and Myths collab, great as always sin!

  3. Chestnut 3 views by sojushots: I love chestnut, and this time soju made this version of him in 3 different positions, I think that these are super useful in case that somebody want to animate chestnut, someone???

  4. Figurehead by Hum4chaos: I really like this illustration, is beautiful, it was made with dip pen ink and wash, and I can’t wait to watch more illustrations from Hum4chaos. Great job!

  5. Fires in the Library District by TheSerpentTheCharmer: I love this, as I said to TheSerpent, It seems like a poster of an apocalyptic movie or something like that, I think this image is perfect for remixes, I think it’s awesome and it looks very real.

  6. Friends in high places: A post it remix by m00njumper: This is amazing, m00njumper have an album with a lot of great illustrations from some artists at Hitrecord and create them again just with post it, I can imagine the work that it takes, this is awesome, LOVE IT!

  7. Keystone Pirates by Hermit The Crab: I love this couple, they are awesome, Jim always create this fantastic characters with a unique style, I think that these guys need more stories or remixes, Bravo Jim!

  8. 10 min writing challenge collab by Tori: Brilliant Collab. Tori is keeping us busy every week, writing in 10 minutes a story or a poem or a text talking about an specific word that she is giving us every week, this is a fantastic idea and make the community work in something in common every week, great idea Tori!!!

  9. Departures by marcellepallais: BRAVO marcelle, you are getting better and better with editing, this video is fantastic, my favorite so far from departures, you did a great job, don’t s stop doing this contributions, we need more videos like this one at HR!!!

  10. Lighter than air by theabones: theabones was featured with another record: portfolio, which is great, but this one is my favorite, it kind of remind me of inception, I think it looks fantastic, please, keep them coming!

  11. Rats by Rewfoe: The first time I saw this illustration, I imagine the rats walking around and going up and down in all the floors, maybe somebody can make my dream come true and make an animation of this? I love it and I love your work Rewfoe.

  12. Rocky Mountain Twilight by saintmaker: Saint Pictures are always spectacular, and this one is not the exception, I love the orange color in everywhere, it’s just beautiful, great job as always saint.

  13. Take me Away by azry: I love it, for me it looks like magical and cute at the same time; I think that it could looks amazing with more colors for example in the balloons, and perhaps somebody can create a tiny story for this? Beautiful, great work!

  14. The Diwata by Mignonne: One of my favorite illustration contributions for the Legends and myths collab, it’s just a lovely illustration, I also can imagine this one with colors, someone? Awesome contribution Mignonne.

  15. The Pianist by Lea Daniel: Everybody knows that I am a huge fan of Lea’s work, and I am really happy when she uploaded new illustration at HR, in this case she made this beautiful character, the pianist, who is waiting for a story by the way! Great job as always Lea!

  16. With Unicorn by aica: I love aica’s work, and this is not the exception, I really love the colors in this and I especially love the unicorn, it looks awesome, fantastic and magical!

My 8 favorite Legends and Myths so far (Legends, Myths, stories and Folklore collab):

Chestnut by Christopher.harn, How the Crow got his black feathers by Rabid Schnauzer, The Consumers by tootwofoursquare, The Fire-bringer by themetafictionist, The Rabbit and the Dragon King by poodlegoose, La Madre del agua/The mother of water by OhPattyG, Bloody Mary by AeB and La Llorona: Legend: GabyVaughan /music: Pamagotchi.

Hitrecorders of the week:

New Hitrecorder: maiadonnelly: If you want to know why I am recommending her, check my video

Old Hitrecorder: Themetafictionist: If you want to know why I am recommending her, check my video.

Music Recommendations:

The healing – Re: Gabi’s story by Ola_szmidt: She made this beautiful song inspired in my s tory for the 10 min writing collab, and is just beautiful, thank you so much and I am glad that I was able to inspired you with my story.

Hard to smile (instrumental) by WilliamG_Music: Love this song, I love these songs that are just played with instruments, William did a great job with this one and I highly recommend both songs.

Other records used in my video: RE REC Spinning Bumper by MattConley.

Have a great week guys!!!!!!!!!!!

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