Lidérc (a hungarian myth)

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In Hungary, when we still had gods and the people still believed in the supernatural, there was a being called lidérc. Its names is a synonym for 'fairy' or 'ghost' in Hungarian. It is associated with fire and sexual themes, but it is also known for helping people.

My grandmother strongly believed that she had met a lidérc when she was a young girl.
She was walking home next to a river when she noticed a strange, blue, fire-like light on the surface of the water. It looked like something was burning on the river. My grandmother was curious, so she went closer to the water. Suddenly there was a man standing in the fire, and after he noticed my grandmother, he walked to her, seemingly walking on the water. My grandmother described him as tall, dark-haired and very handsome. As he reached her, he looked into her eyes and then he kissed her. My grandmother was shocked, so she pushed him away and ran home.
She never told this story anyone. I feel honored that she shared this with me, and helped me to began learning about the Hungarian mythology.

Created: Jul 14, 2012


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