Dear Diary.

By otnemem

Dear diary.
Hello, how are you?

I have some sad news (sad news to someone?).

This is to be my last entry. You shall no longer be able to hear from me. I have decided that this is done. I have grown tired and – although I don't like to admit it – have given up. Life wasn't meant to be this hard, was it? I made the choices people are supposed to make, I was good, what more could I have done? I meant not to bring you down, but this is my decision. Lives are better without my own. I'm sorry and I'm grateful.


* * *

Dear diary.
Good evening.

I'm not too sure how to start, I have never done this before. I suppose I'll get better at it and will know what to say.

(There are pages missing in this book. Strange. Never mind.)

Happy day today, I met a wonderful young lady. Beautiful. Soft. Light. We spoke for hours, I don't know what it was about — everything and nothing. It's funny… I recognise her from somewhere.

Happy days. Speak to you tomorrow.

Dear Diary.

Created: May 19, 2010


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