More than a dream

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It is as dark as the ocean here

Empty in it’s loneliness

Yet, peaceful and serene at the same time because I know I will see you soon

The air has lost it’s taste as the red sun rises upon us

I look into her closed eyes to see everything I have ever wanted laying next to me

Her hair slowly crosses my fingers

As the hopelessness fades away to bring in the beauty of the dawn.

Spring has come, and my love for you has blossomed into a garden of flowers that smell like cinnamon

But no garden in the world, no fragrant rose, is as breathtaking as your hair

The winter has passed, the sun now shines on us together

You have spent your life looking for something, but I have spent my entire life looking for you

And here we are The petals fall down on us as we lay on the ground,

For you are the only angel in my life

You once said that I only love the idea of you but the thought of your love is more than a idea.

More than a dream

It is my heaven

The thought of your love keeps me alive.

Created: Jul 14, 2012


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