WILD - tori's contribution to the 10min writing challenge #2

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He awoke, bed-headed & bewildered from the night before. He nearly always woke up in his clothes. Or half undressed. His nights were spent unravelling. It started with loosening his tie & unbuttoning his shirt collar. Slinking out of his cubicle, trying to shake off the grey, clocking out. He spent all his life going between one box to another. The apartment, his car, the office. Everything had right angles. Everything was designed & supposedly ergonomical. He was thirsty. He could never remember to refill the glass on his nightstand. He was cranky, his bones felt stiff. He put his feet on the floor in the same threadbare spot he had done every day for too long. He cracked the bones in his neck and stood up. His muscles were sore & his right knee ached as he put his weight on that leg. He winced. What happened? He remembered sitting with his elbows on the bar, his suit jacket resting on the bar stool next to him. He looked around the bedroom - yeah, his jacket was gone now. But what after that? The pool hall, the overhead artificial lights, running out of money, the car lights, the ATM, the money, the mud, the sweat, he'd been running. No, he couldn't remember why. His memory jerked, the shadows of trees, his knee had given out, the backs of old warehouses, windows smashed. He reached a clearing. He was hobbling. He broke through the bush & there was the deer, startled. It was right in front of him, lean, graceful. It let out a snort as he locked eyes with it. Then, hooves clattering, it ran past him & disappeared into the dark foreboding maze of trees that he had just untangled himself from. 

Created: Jul 13, 2012

Tags: hangover, daily grind, drunk, story, running, boredom, deer, writing, challenge

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