Queen of Spades

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When I was a kid, children of my age loved to play games with ghosts. We used to believe in the Queen of Spades. The legend of our childhood says that if you say a spell in a bathroom - a note written with a lipstick will appear on a mirror. I tried to make that magical ritual, my heart was beating fast and I was quite scared but the Queen didn`t come. So I breathed a sigh of relief, decided to forget about it and spend all my time enjoying the summer.

But my friends appeared to be more stubborn. They decided to leave a few candies in the entrance hall to make the Queen come and they didn`t tell me about that. So one day I woke up, had my breakfast and went for a walk. What did I see near the stairs in the hall? Candies! Ha-ha, lucky day! Of course I took the candies and ate them.

I was playing some games outside when I heard a terrible noise. I wondered what it was and came closer to my friends who were very much excited and frightened.

‘What happened?’ I asked them.

‘The Queen has come! She`s eaten our candies! Look, there are only the wrappers left…’

Created: Jul 13, 2012

Tags: joke, story, childhood, candy, child, myth, legend, ghost

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