An Ode to Optimism [Sonnet in Iambic Pantameter]

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1. There is More substance in cynicism

2. Than in every drop of sunshine combined.

3. Golden rays represent mysticism. 

4. Positivity need not be enshrined. 

5. All of the world's good of heart are merely 

6. Raping reality with "compassion"

7. For no one alive has once sincerely

8. Loved self, and others in suchlike fashion. 

9. If the sun be the source of these facades,

10. Then I shall forever sink into night.

11. To love is to see the face of the Gods,

12. But true hatred grants one eternal sight. 

13. Fictitious pleasantries, I bid farewell. 

14. May you find your true home safely in Hell.



Created: Jul 13, 2012

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