The Garden of Eden (short story)

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The Garden of Eden

It was a sunny day when the traveler walked in. The again, it was always sunny. The Big Man liked it that way.

“Excuse me.” The stranger said, eyeing me. I smiled. I was young and beautiful, in my very prime.

“Is it alright if I rest the night in your home? My bones are weary from this endless quest of mine.”

I nodded, setting down the watering can.

“Of course you can. If I may be so bold... sir, what is this quest?”

He got a faraway gleam in his eye.

“I seek enlightenment and immortality, The Tree of Knowledge and The Tree of Life. I seek the Garden of Eden!”

I nodded again.

“My father will come and greet you soon. Perhaps he can help you, he is very knowledgable. Come, sit down.”

I grasped his hand and led him to a chair. He sighed as his muscles relaxed.

“I feel younger already”, he said winking. “Amazing what a pretty face can do.”


Just then my father rounded the corner. He was old and his back stooped, his silver beard trailing the ground. However his blue eyes burned bright with untold wisdom.

“Hail traveler! Are you another in search of the the Hidden Garden?”

“Yes.” The traveler looked expectantly at me.

“Father..” I began. “I told him that you might be able to help him.”

My father rubbed his chin.

“I will do what I can. Ask away.”

“I must know,” the traveler cried. “I must know. Is my quest in vain. The Garden, The Sacred Trees, do they exist?!”

“Yes”, my father said. “However, be wary. They may not be in the form you think.”

I brushed the back of the man’s neck with my hand. He was very handsome.

He sprung up with renewed energy.

“Thank you Old One! You have my gratitude. I feel rested already, and shall be moving on now.”

I stopped stroking and clamped my hands, ignoring his cries as roots began to overtake his struggling body.

My father smiled. “Many other brave adventurers have asked me the same question as you. They are over there now.” He gestured towards the trees.

“No, please!” the man’s struggles were becoming weaker as he slowly turned to wood.

“My quest! I’m so close! I must leave!”

My father tutted.

“You asked me a question, and I answered. You cannot leave after eating the Forbidden Fruit.”

The man stopped moving and stood in horror. “N-no. You can’t be....”

My father smiled again.

“Son, don’t you know? This is The Garden of Eden.”

Created: Jul 11, 2012


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