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So, a saint sang the words, "you can run on for a long time" (Johnny Cash) Isn't that the damn truth. We run for a long time. Some of us run away from things, while some of us run towards things. Some run from the fear of having to stop and confront the reality that they call their life. And there are some that simply run because they are told to follow a specific life chart. As I sit and ease drop on people's words, I come to a realization that many of us run but we have no fucking idea why. Why are we all running? Is there some kind of secret salvation at the end of the street? The more I wrestle with this observation, the more I realize...I HATE TO FUCKING RUN!!! Always have. So I think I'll wait in the alley until the street is less crowded. And when the last of the sheep have been slaughtered, I will waltz down the sidewalk and absorb my surroundings. Absorb the good, the bad, the love, and the grit. Eat up every emotion, and digest it slowly. I want to be aware of everything around me, that the mere cluster of emotions boils my blood with the life it gives birth to. A life I'm aware of.

Perhaps I'm a fool, but maybe when we get to where we are going...we will know it. Maybe we don't have to run, and it will just find us.


Or on a more morbid thought, there could be nothing more than the fucking finish line at the end of the marathon.


Created: Jul 11, 2012


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