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From the moment we met I knew we’d be friends.

You were beautiful, with shiny black hair and a big warm smile.

You saw me, walked over and spoke to me when I was lonely

We had so much in common and over the years we became family.

You were the sister I never had

The shoulder I cried on each time my heart broke

The hand that stroked my head when I had nowhere else to go

The voice that told me it would be okay someday


You showed me how the World saw me

You showed me how beautiful I was,

How caring I could be,

How I was someone that could be loved.

You put me in my place and told me when I was wrong

And when I was right.

We shared our up’s and we shared our downs

You changed my life and for that I am truly grateful.


Then the day came that your heart broke.

I gave you my shoulder to put down your tears,

I told you it would be okay someday.

You left to clear your head and you promised you’d come back

You lied

I’m angry that you never said goodbye,

I’m angry that you chose to leave

I’m angry that you didn’t listen

I’m angry you weren’t here to share the birth of my children

I’m angry you weren’t here to console me when my marriage broke down

I’m angry that I didn’t know.


It’s been eight years since you chose to leave me alone in this world

And I’m still mad

Time doesn’t heal

Time doesn’t make me remember the happy times

And forget the sad times

Time only makes me more angry that you left,

And guilty that I couldn’t stop you


I Loved you

I Hated you…………………I Miss you.

Created: Jul 11, 2012


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