When A Wish Come True

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These words need a song and a voice. I wonder who's up to make it alive.



It takes time to grow up

And to understand simple things

When I change, will I find the answer?

Something only time can tell


My jaded heart breaks too simply

When words get too tough for me

So I was caught in my own thought

And found the door behind me, shut


When your wish comes true

Will you be happy?

Cause I’ve lost what it means to be

I gave up the only child inside of me

A reflection I’ll never see

If my wish comes true

Am I hurting you?

Maybe I’ll be but I’m trying

If I leave it, will it heal?

I wish only a world for you


It takes time to learn

To carry a heavy world on a small shoulder

In ignorance

Sometimes I find my salvation

Although alone


When your wish comes true

Will you be happy?

Maybe this isn’t what we had hoped

Being selfish may not be that bad

But then, there’ll be no keys to doors

If everyone’s wish comes true

Will there be no tears?

No more pain, no more regrets?

I could see through a world like that

Even if it’s not true


If my wish comes true

Am I too selfish?

Some said it takes all to accomplish

I went a little too much

And I forgot to find a little more love

When one’s wish comes true

Are you satisfied?

Cause I could see the crying child

Right before me, worn and fading

Like a dying candle light


Perhaps a little more hope is all I need

However faint, I’ll hold on to it

For I finally understand

What it means to be happy….

Created: Jul 11, 2012


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