this video is on fire

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i consider this video unfinished, even tho it runs the entire length of nel's version. unfortunately, i have neither the skill set nor the appropriate program, apparently, to get it to do what i want. very frustrating!!!

so i'm hoping someone here will like it enough to play further and fine-tune! i definitely would've overlapped some clips, to make it more cohesive, and would LOVE to have some of the negative space cut in with joe's film....alas.

big thanks to everyone whose clips i've used, and for the public domain clips i found following suggestions i got here!

SUPER big thanks to wirrow for offering such an innately psychedelic audio treat!

and if anyone has suggestions, tips, or tutorial URLs for the kind of tricks i mentioned above, or can point me to software that won't cost x-months' salary, i'm really keen to learn more! <3

Created: May 18, 2010

Tags: nels, fire, dreamy, flame, psychedelic

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