The Arrival - 10 min Challenge (Beginning)

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I don't remember how it began. i just opened my eyes and I was here. Parents? I never heard of the term until the man with the hat asked if I had any. Where am I? Who am I? 

I shut my eyes to rack my brain for a memory, but this exchange is the only thing I find. 

"Don't be scared." 

"I'm not." 

Then it comes to me like a sudden draft of cold air. 

"I'm dead," I whispered as if I said it any louder, something would break. 

"Hm. That was quick," the man with the hat replied. 

I looked up at him. He had a gray beard, not too long, speckled with white. He had a pipe in his mouth and his hat resembled that of a sea captain. 

"I used to be that," he said as he helped me up. 


"I used to be a sea captain. I was the captain of the Merida. Nowadays, I just spend my time waiting for newbies like you." 

"Wait, what?" 

"You confirmed you were dead, right?" 

I hesitated. 


"Well, you're right. You realized it more quickly than the others. Now it's time to go before others start showing up." 

He led me by the arm and as we walked, more bodies started fading in. They would just fade in with their eyes closed. 

"Are they--"

"Yup. Just like you. Don't say anything though. It's critical that they realize it on their own."

We stopped walking and I looked up at him. He was looking straight ahead and so I did the same. There was another man there with a rather large ledger that he was writing in.

"Good morning, sir," the Captain greeted.

"Mmm. Hold on."

The man, slightly younger than the Captain, had black shaggy hair and a beard too. After a few moments, he looked up. The Captain nudged me and I stuck out my hand to shake the man's. 

"Name?" the man asked as he shook my hand.

"'s..." I couldn't remember. 

"It's alright. Happens all the time. I'm Peter, the Gatekeeper." 

Created: Jul 10, 2012


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