Wind on my face

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There are no songs or poems or speeches that can help me tell you that the notes of my heart have finally found their rhythm.

The sweet pitch of friendship ringing clearly in my ears as your face lights up like the brightest stars.

The soft tones of desire blooming across my skin as you play me like the most beautiful piano.


And I will quench your thirst for the nothing.

We can throw our empty bottles away,

recycle them in to a statue of what love looks like.

The glass glinting in the sun like the twinkle in your eye


And my first intake of breath reverberates through me

as I step in to the sunlight and out of the rubble I’ve been hiding under.

and I smile because,

the wind on my face is your breath singing me to sleep

and I know that even if the clouds cover the sky,

above it all the sun still shines.

Created: Jul 10, 2012

Tags: poem-poetry-writing-drable-word-thoughts

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