25 Things About Me

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I am new here so I thought this would be a good record to begin with...thank you Gweninteruppted for bringing me here. Hugs!

 1. I've been teaching special education for 10 years. I adore, love, and prize my career. I can actually say I am one of those "annoying" people who truly enjoys going to work each morning. I work with the severally developmentally disabled...Prader Willi syndrome, CP, autism, the blind, TBI.

 2. BUT I am insanely creative. I thrive on creativity. I paint, draw, sing, used to act in the 80s (LOL), but my BIGGEST, HUGEST passion above all others is writing! I am in the middle of writing a novel and a script for the kids at the school where I work...a drama club for people with special needs. The script will be added to the curriculum.

3. The first movie I ever saw was at a drive-in...it was called Kingdom of the Spiders with William Shatner. It was a double feature with Star Wars...1977. A terrible B movie. To this day I am terrified of spiders...maybe thats why! I was a mere 3 yrs old at the time!

4. I grew up on a 65 acre farm with pigs, peacocks, chickens, a horse...I resented it back then, despite the fact I had so much fun! Back in those days all I longed to do was ride a bike down paved roads and watch MTV (we had neither). My parents were hippie types who were all into organic food/a self sustaining life style.

5. I don't watch TV...I did when I was younger but I hate reality shows...and thats basically what there is now in days.

6. I am painfully shy...but in my line I work I must talk to people on a daily basis (staff/administration/parents). I have to force myself to do so.

 7. I shower in the dark...I just prefer the dark in general.

 8. I am fluent in ASL

 9. I have a secret desire to be a makeup artist!

 10. I love clove ciggarettes but they are so bad for you. Haven't had one in years.

11. I love getting older (believe it or not!) it just sucks that other people have to as well!

 12. My favorite cities on earth are London and San Francisco

13. I love to swim in the ocean...it relaxes me

14. I am a very fast reader and can often polish off 3 books in a week

15. I hate Disney movies

16. I have a really good memory...I can bring up specific events from my childhood with little effort. I think about stuff I went through often and they act as "markers" for me to plug on.

17. I dream about going back to college and getting a law degree.

18. I often prefer to be alone...I'm in a wedding in September and all the socializing involved (also the shower/bacholorette party) is just a wee bit intimidating to me.

19. My favorite movies (well two of them) are The Secret of NIMH and Labyrinth

20. I had a learning disability as a child and was placed in the "special room" in 2nd grade...I never thought I'd get a masters degree (in teaching)...I learned to read somewhat late. I read like crazy now.

21. I prefer sweets to savory foods. Shrugs.

22. I am very close to my brother who is 8/9 years my junior (he was born in 82, me in 74).

 23. I go to the movies alone sometimes.

24. I dislike coffee

25. I HATE numbers and math! I'd make a horrible banker!

Created: Jul 09, 2012


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