The Sadness.

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When the night has fallen,
and all eyes are closed,
The Sadness grins,
and it’s fragile fingernails
poke through the cracks in pavements.
It forces it’s blunt teeth
through the stubborn earth,
they splinter and break,
but grow back instantly.
The Sadness feels all of the pain,
but none of it.
The Sadness roars, silently,
and drifts towards our homes.

The Sadness is every colour at once,
and darker than black,
and invisible.
It makes the loudest sound we know.
and none can hear it.
You’ve kissed it on the lips,
felt it between your legs,
you’ve loved it,
hated it.
It’s your favourite child,
and the one you’ve wished to kill.
You’ve never seen The Sadness,
but you see it every day.

Sinking itself through our window panes,
The Sadness lumbers in.
It’s fingers, long as a body,
scour the room.
Breaking everything, leaving it untouched.
It spits on love letters,
tears photos.
It’s bulbous tongue drenches your bed.
And it finds you.
it peels off your skin.
And through the hole in your chest,
enters your heart.

Later, you wake.
Cold, sweaty,
Exhilarated, exhausted,
that you found something
so alien, so familiar.
Your teeth hurt,
your fingernails need cutting.

Tomorrow you’ll go to work.

Created: Jul 08, 2012


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