Ain't Nothin' - Art RE-view

By MattConley

Here we have an "Art RE-view" of Phonontek's "Ain't Nothin'" instrumental. It's my personal favorite beat on the site and it's quite an experience to listen to due to its three part structure.

The sounds shift in tone several times and it builds to a climax of '90s rap proportions.

I included two clips from RECords I had used "Ain't Nothin'" in to demonstrate how the first and last part of the beat accompany visuals in two very different ways.

Ain't Nothin' - Art RE-view

Created: May 17, 2010

Tags: isntrumental, art, re-view, discuss, art re-view, audio, dj, record, rza, piano, art review, rhythm, clip, song, mix, music, tempo, hip-hop, sick, hip, samples, wu tang, gritty, dj muggs, sampled, dark, matt conley, remix, bell, re-mix, camera, volume, raps, matt, sweatshirt, regular joe, bells, fire, sound, light, cypress hill, everything is on fire, computer, beat, dan, sounds, rap, performance, hip hop, recording, wu, burning dan, flow temple, live, joe, harmony, phonontek, critique, mike, mattconley, sand, the rza, rapping, talk, clips

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