I write...

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I write to ease sadness as it sprouts through my fingers, staining the aging parchment in dark blackened pools.


I write to pull heartstrings in a birds simple song, echoing as it lifts and twinkles against the golden sunlight pouring through the canopy.


I write to float aimlessly on the back of a gurgling stream, spitting droplets on grass while trout jump unknowingly into a bears open claws.


I write to wander down an ancient cities street, it's old sandpaper walls warm and bleached in the same way that smiles fade through time. 


I write to soar past the sky and fall into the orbit of a distant plant, one harboring unseen life and the promise for un-kindled knowledge. 


I write for those searching for a life they may never bare witness, walking blindly through the fog with the faith of a baby bird, jumping from a tree with outstretched wings.


I write so I may sink into the depths of my mind, allowing my body to lead a life without me, and return to the soil where saplings grow and leaves clap for eternity.

Created: Jul 08, 2012

Tags: freeword, poem, words, life, writing, poetry

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