I Suppose I'm In Love?

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I Suppose I'm In Love?

Kyra Kristmanson


Exlpain To Me,
The Sensation Between Thunder And Lightning
Explain How The Friction Between The Two 
Can Be Related To Love.
The Clashing Of Two Things In The Sky
With Loud Bangs That Send Shivers Down Your Spine.
Things Of Beauty Cause This Tingling Sensation.
Just Like:
Our Love, 
Our Lust. 
But These Two Are Anything But Related
Which Of The Two Is The Reason We Indulge Eachother In Pointless Conversation?
Do We Both Loose Ourselves In The Need,
To Caress Eachothers Skin?
Or Am I Alone In This Infatuation?
Do You Think Of My Lips,
In The Dreams Our Minds Surround Us With 
While We Toss And Turn In Deep Sleeps.
Or Do You Forget About Me,
And Leave Me To Think Of You
During These Few Dark Hours Of Unconciousness?
Why Does Our Mind Decide How We Feel?
Why Does Our Mind Inflict This Torture Upon Us,
The Innocent.
And Why Must These Feelings Be Felt Towards A Certain Person?
Why You?
Why Me?
Explain To Me, 
The Attraction Between Me And You.
Explain To Me,
How This Feeling Can Be So Closely Related To Thunder,
So Closely Related To Lightning
These Two Things That Strike Fear Into Me,
But This Feeling Makes Me Secure.
This Attraction Causes Not Fear,
But Assurance.
And This Difference,
Is The Beauty Of This Passion.

Created: Jul 07, 2012


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