Polednice and Klekanice

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Polednice is the sister Klekanice, but many years older. In our country she had a form of airy lady, but she was mostly ugly old woman, sometimes white or red-clad. At noon, she looking human dwellings or she flew through the air and who is Polednice touched, he soon died.. All of it is narrated that she strike through the legs of those who not bow to it. The greatest caution had to be children. Polednice - as embodied by the heat of the sun - she could burn them so that they died of heatstroke. She sometimes children not killed, but stolen them. Because she had ugly children and so longed for nicer. In some places it described as an old woman wrapped in white veils, eyes oblique, hair disheveled, her voice is hoarse and she radiates such heat, as if the building burned. When people refrain from noon on the field, apparently appears this lady, and she begin to people ask a questions "How to grow flax, when millet is grain sown" and so forth. She can get a whole hour talking about one thing and when people answers incorrectly she sends a disease on them.

Sister Polednice, Klekanice is a character who collects children who are out late at night after the so-called Klekani. Klekanice looks like a woman in a long dark coat. She has an ugly gray face. She occurs in villages and rarely in town, but never meet a in the woods or elsewhere in nature. After "Klekani" many times passes through the village there and back and she´s check if there is some child outside by chance. If some child appears, grabs him and closes to the chapel or church. She left him there until morning and then let him go when begins dawn. Klekanice never child´s hurt, but she is haunted them.

Created: Jul 06, 2012


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