In the Storm

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I can barely hold my head above
the water that I tread
I'm standing on the shoulders of
the nightmares in my head
They used to be my dreams but
now they're haunting me instead
The chain around my ankle is
only hanging by a thread
I'd hold my breath and grind my teeth
And feel the murky lake's beneath
To taste the air above my keep
It's just too bad this lake's too deep.
I can hardly hang my head below
the howling wind above
The freedoms flying by my prison
walls are just too much
The balance of my nature's warring
plainly lacks thereof
I wish I had a handicap but
I can't float atop a crutch
I dreamt of what I wanted for
the future just beyond the storm
And I envision there will come a boat
If I can keep myself afloat

Created: Jul 06, 2012


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