African Burial Grounds, NYC

By Lazabout

The weekend before the inauguration I took a train to NYC to do a general walkabout and visit with some family. It was crazy cold for a gal from Texas, but one of the coolest things about the City is its walkability. There was a mention of some sort of monument to the slaves who on the journey to the Americas established when remains were unearthed while digging the site or new city offices. Thankfully the discovery was preserved in place (making a wee bit hard to find) and a lovely, artistic monument was built. It has a tiny footprint, dwarfed by towering office buildings on all sides. Well worth the hunt tho.

I took this peering through the corridor which leads from the ground level where you can still see some of the grave mounds, to the sunken memorial to those who died.

African Burial Grounds, NYC

Created: May 16, 2010

Tags: memorial, new york, corridor

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