Race To The Edge

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The edge was near, I stood beside you.

It was clear, I wanted to push you.

A whisper came and told me not to.

You thought the same, and wanted to push too.

I had to wait and think it through-

Because of fate, the plan went through.

You pushed, I fell.

You won, I failed.

Now I'm ashamed of the feelings felt.

Who would've thought, you would've done, what I had thought to do?

Before I even had the chance to first do it to you.

We think alike, though our strategy differs-

Who would've known that you'd move quicker?!

Caught by surprise, before my eyes, and now I'm up to chase.

I'm gonna go, and though I'm slow, I'm gonna win this race!

Created: Jul 05, 2012


Monz Document Media