The Ridges

By msmeganonymous

The Kennedy Art Museum. Better known to us students as "The Ridges". The Ridges and actually the dorm I live in now and, well, Athens OH, according to Scariest Places on Earth, is the 13th most haunted place in the world.
The Ridges was an old insane asylum.
In my dorm, back in the 70s(?), a girl who played with "black magic" killed herself in her room on the 4th floor. Apparently crazy stuff has happened in the room, like the walls bleeding, but now the room is a boiler room and always locked. They say you can see a demon face in the door. I went up there (I'm on the 1st floor) and looked at the door and there definitely is something strange (like a demon face) on the door.
Other than that nothing creepy has happened.... Scratch that. My little desk clock lights up whenever I get a text message. It's never done that at home, just here. #_#

The Ridges

Created: May 16, 2010


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